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Female army captain charged in knife attack

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Female army captain charged in knife attack

Assailant of elderly man appeared to have mental problems, neighbours say

A screen grab from a video shows a woman with a knife lunging to attack her 83-year-old neigbhour in front of his house in Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao Saturday. (Capture from video on @bangpakongnews Facebook page)

CHACHOENGSAO: A 45-year-old army captain has been charged in connection with a knife attack on her 83-year-old neighbour in Bang Pakong district on Saturday morning. The victim sustained serious multiple knife wounds.

Police rushed to the house in tambon Bang Pakong after being alerted to the attack at around 7am on Saturday. The accused attacker, Capt Pansamon Yuenyong, was in the yard of her house next to the victim’s house when the officers arrived.

Suthin Wutthisin, 83, sustained serious knife wounds to his right arm and was rushed to a local hospital.

When they arrived on the scene, the officers saw the attacker talking loudly over the gate to relatives of the victim. They tried to persuade her to leave her property. After about 30 minutes of back-and-forth talk, she left the house and offers took her to the Bang Pakong police station for questioning, Thai media reported.

Sukanya Wutthisin, 41, daughter of the victim, told police that her father was preparing to go to the hospital before the incident occurred. As he had forgotten his face mask, he went back to the house. Capt Pansamon whose house was next to his, suddenly opened the gate and walked toward her father.

The knife-wielding woman suddenly attacked her father, who tried to escape and ran to his house, said Ms Sukanya, who was in her car parked in front of another house. On seeing the incident, she honked her horn to alert other family members for help.

Police initially charged Capt Pansamon with physically assaulting another person causing serious injuries. She admitted to having carried out the attack, they said. However, she gave confusing accounts during the interrogation, Thai media reported.

Relatives of the injured man told police that Capt Pansamon lived alone in her house and appeared to show signs of mental illness. They said she carried a knife and had tried to attack neigbhours on at least two other occasions. 

Her neigbhours said they lived in fear as no relatives came to pick up the woman for treatment.

A woman walks toward her 83-year-old neighbour and uses a knife to attack him in front of his house in Bang Pakong district of Chachoengsao on Saturday morning. (Video clip by @bangpakongnews Facebook page)

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