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Animal torture complaint filed against online gourmet

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A picture of Sahasawat Chobchingchai eating chicken was posted on his Facebook page, Mom Tanaddak, on Monday with the message that he had removed the controversial clip of the buried chicken dish.

Representatives of the Livestock Development Department on Tuesday filed an animal torture complaint against an online gourmet who allegedly filmed a chicken buried up to its neck being force-fed with coconut milk before being cooked.

Media reported that veterinarians Kachapan Udonsinkha and Nantasak Musiksilp of the department and Roger Lohanan of the Thai Animal Guardians Association filed the complaint with the Technology Crime Suppression Division. The clip showed how to prepare the “Kai Lum” (chicken in a hole) dish by Sahasawat Chobchingchai, also known as Mom Tanaddak.

The dish reportedly showed a chicken buried up to its neck being fed with coconut milk for about two weeks before being cooked. It was believed the practice made chicken meat soft, sweet and fragrant.

The complainants considered the practice to be animal torture prohibited by the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animals Act. Under the law, those torturing an animal without good reason carry a jail term of up to two years and/or a fine of up to 40,000 baht.

Mr Sahasawat wrote on his Facebook account that the clip was made only to show how to prepare a long-standing local dish that was part of local culture.

The two chickens in the film were used only to illustrate the preparation and were not hurt, he claimed, adding that the chicken meat he ate during the programme did not come from the filmed chickens.

He said he had already removed the clip and learned a lesson.

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